Parp! The Last Airbender trailer


11th February 2010

Hur hur hur. 'Airbender'.

I wonder when M Night Shyamalan will quit being known as 'the director of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable' and will start being known as 'the director of The Village and The Happening'? Seems to me he's made more bad movies than good, and this trailer for The Last Airbender doesn't suggest his recent slump is going to improve.

Why? First of all, because it's an amped-up version of a kids cartoon, and kids cartoons tend to be about as exciting as reading cereal ingredients. Secondly, it looks like a mutant hybrid between The Golden Child and Captain Planet (FYI, kid who no one remembers: 'heart' is a shitty element). Lastly, it's directed by the guy who wrote and directed The Happening. "I just heard wind come through the window!" (*fart noise*)

Incidentally, I tried to think of other movie titles that sound like farts. Here's what I came up with, but feel free to add your own:

- Windtalkers
- The Grifters
- The Human Stain
- Waiting For Guffman / A Mighty Wind
- Ripper
- Johnny Skidmarks
- Blast From The Past
- Blown Away
- The Brown Bunny
- Gone With The Wind
- Chopper
- Reeker
- Goodbye, Mr Chips
- Exit Wounds
- Scent Of A Woman

Oh, right: the trailer.

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