Prepare to lose your shit for The Muppets trailer


23rd May 2011

We could keep up the pretence that this trailer for 'Green With Envy' isn't a viral campaign for The Muppets, but it's Disney who are the deceptive party here, not us.

It's not often we report movie news as soon as physically possible. Sometimes we'll wait a few days, even a few weeks, to soak up the residual traffic once all the other sites have moved on. It's why is known as "the sponge of the Internet". But today is a special day - a wondrous, fantasmagorical, splendifer-[trailer embedded below - Ed.]

This is the bit where we'd normally enter into detailed analysis, add a few references, some opinion - basically leave you dazzled by our immense intellect and in-depth knowledge of cinema. But when it comes to Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and pals, it's best to just switch off and bask in the golden rays of pure joy. What I'm saying is: if you don't like The Muppets you are literally a child molester.

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