Prometheus + War Of The Worlds = Oblivion


9th December 2012

So we're more or less an Oblivion fan site now.

Hot on the heels of the first poster for Joseph Kosinski's post-alien invasion sci-fi action thriller adaptation of his own graphic novel, Oblivion, comes the first trailer - which seems to be a mish-mash of loads of other films and computer games. Have a look at the trailer below and let's see what we can spot, shall we? Sunday night fun!

0:07 - Echoes of The Dark Knight Rises. It's ok though, when he says "touchdown!" you can actually hear the word "touchdown!" and not "tnnnhdnnn" like if he was doing a Bane voice. Tom Cruise isn't playing Bane, that is the observation I am making here.

0:16 - Total ledge.

0:30 - A spaceship flying through clouds and lightning and stuff, where have I seen that recently hmmm?

1:32 - A very "Mass Effect" look to the uniforms and tech - not surprising, as Konsinski has also directed shorts for Halo and Gears of War (these are computer games in case you are two years old or my Dad). I like videoedgames, so this is OK with me.

1:35 - More Prometheus looking stuff. I'm totally digging the next bit when he finds Olga Kurylenko in a pod. I'd tell her we were the last two people on Earth and had to repopulate the human race, but then Morgan Freeman would turn up and ruin everything. It's cool though, he can watch.

1:55 - No way is that not a homage to Luke Skywalker's fateful encounter with a group of Tusken Raiders. Get your own film bits, guy!

1:59 onwards - Loads more stuff that looks like Prometheus.
I guess every effects-heavy film set in the future has that kind of sterile look nowadays, but all the skies and vistas here are near-identical to Prometheus. Not that I'm complaining or anything - Prometheus may have have been spottier than Spotty from SuperTed (old UK cartoon series in case you are two years old or foreign), but there's no denying the landscapes looked incredible on a big cinema screen.

The involvement of Tom Cruise is great too, because he's a really great actor who stars in great films. The fact he believes in Xenu and spaceships probably helps as well - he doesn't have to pretend, whereas Liam Neeson had to talk to a little sack filled with straw for months on the set of The Phantom Menace and pretend it was a real boy, and you can totally tell he's not buying it. Sunday!

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