Rape! Now I've got your attention, here's the Straw Dogs trailer


14th May 2011

There's still life in the home invasion genre yet, and by 'life', I do of course mean 'death caused by cinematic, gruesome violence'. Yay!

Before we get to the first Straw Dogs trailer, big news...

Way to go, Hollywood!

Straw Dogs 2011 stars my man-crush James Marsden (wearing glasses to look sensitive, but we know he's all man underneath) and Kate Bosworth as a young couple who move to the rural Deep South, only to find the welcome from the locals is less than friendly. They should have known that the official currency of rednecks is 'revenge rape' (don't ever ask for change at their corner shops).

It's a weird movie to remake, Straw Dogs, not only because the Sam Peckinpah version was defiantly anti-commercial, but also because the number of house invasion movies in the last ten years is huge. For my money, they don't get much better than The Strangers, which I gave three stars at the time, but my weekly nightmares about cloth-headed trespassers have convinced me it's probably worthy of more.

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