Red-band Get Him To The Greek trailer


23rd March 2010

Want to see more of Russell Brand hamming up his cockney lord act? Yeah, I'm undecided too. Still, as the new trailer for Get Him to the Greek shows, it might still be funny for a little while longer.

Reprising his role of outrageous rocker Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Brand hits the big time here, getting top billing above even P-Diddy. That's when you know you've made it in Hollywood.

The fact that this is a red band trailer would imply that we get to see a lot more R-rated stuff but, in truth, it's the same as the last trailer only with a dildo in it. And at one point someone says "tits".

Still, I'm holding out hope. Aldous Snow was the best thing about the otherwise-still-funny Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Jonah Hill has proven good comedy credentials on more than one occasion. Plus, did I mention someone says "tits"?

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