Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer runs surprisingly low on zombies


22nd June 2010

I'm no expert, but don't people usually have zombies in their zombie movies? Wait, is that right?

Resident Evil: Afterlife looks like the kind of grapping trash that'll keep hordes of braindead mongoloid moviegoers happy - maybe they sense a kinship with the undead themselves. They're not going to be too happy though, judging by this latest trailer, as I couldn't really make out many bona fide zombies at all.

Oh sure, there are plenty of arms grasping through fences and the odd gaping-faced licker and axe-wielding mutant, but what's wrong with the common garden variety flesh-eater all of a sudden? Besides, I really have zero interest in seeing Milla Jovovich going underground to uncover the corporate conspiracy behind the zombie apocalypse, while it's still going on above. All looks a bit Ultraviolet to me, and that movie was so bad, Jovovich literally punched the director in the face while shooting.

Also, I think they need to reinforce the message this movie is in 3D. I was too distracted by characters flinging shit at me to notice.

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