Saw 3D trailer will shut your trap


23rd July 2010

The legacy of Jigsaw lives on in another series of highly complicated, highly unlikely gory deathtraps. Try and give a shit if you can.

Riddle me this: why am I still so interested in the Saw series? The last decent entry in the series was Saw III and even that was merely so-so in the context of, y'know, real movies. Now we're at Saw 7 - otherwise known as Saw 3D - yet I still goggle at the trailers like a chimp.

It must be their car crash quality: I want to look away, but I just can't. Surely they can't get much worse? Is it possible the storylines could get any more convoluted and complicated? Could Jigsaw really have left that many tape recorders full of eerily prescient threats? I must watch to find out. I watch them so you don't have to.

Also, I really like seeing people get their heads cut off and shit. Makes me feel like a big man. (*carves name in desk*)

Notice the Inception-style 'BRAAAAHM's. Nice try, guys. No one ever got lured into a shitty movie by a tuba.

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