Scott Pilgrim trailer is awesome


25th March 2010

Head this way for a slice of fried gold.

Edgar Wright has been teasing his myriad Twitter followers for months now, promising glimpses of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World like a Victorian beach hussy flashing her ankles. Today, he finally delivered. Boy did he deliver.

Described by Wright as "an action romance", in actual fact it looks more like Street Fighter II by way of Freaks & Geeks - check out those big, lovely digital sound effects and the Adam West-esque exclamations that linger longingly in the air. It genuinely looks like the comic-book brought to life.

Plus, it's about time Michael Cera took his hands out his pockets and proved he could kick some ass. Quite whether he can defeat Captain America and Superman is another matter, but I'm confident he can probably take Max Rushmore in a scrap.

Update: MSN's embedded player is ill. Go here in the meantime.

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