Season Of The Witch trailer: Cage deliver us from evil


23rd November 2009

It's a trailer for Nicolas Cage's new movie. Because sometimes that's enough.

I don't think it's a secret any more that I long to be locked inside Nicolas Cage. Just spending a couple of hours in his company is probably the closest alternative to taking mind-altering drugs I can think of - Cage will flip your whole perception and shit.

That said, this trailer for Season Of The Witch looks ass-flavoured. Sure, the stupid hair and brotoxed forehead are present and correct, but why the long face, Nic? Apart from the fact you look like a horse, I mean.

This is supposed to be a movie about witches, right? I didn't see one broomstick or cackling green face for shame. Fingers crossed Cage will be menaced by CG wolves though. That's a step up from CG bees.

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