Shrek Forever After trailer


18th December 2009

Damn. I guess the fact there's a trailer for a fourth Shrek film means they're probably going to go ahead and make it, huh?

I'm no real fan of the Shrek series. I mean, I liked the first one when it was an interesting twist on the fairytale, but then every animation that came out did the exact same thing, so in Shrek 2, they added a bunch of Simon Cowell jokes. Then they hired Justin Timberlake for Shrek 3.

Obviously you can tell from my thrilled tone that I'm delighted there will be a Shrek 4, otherwise known as Shrek Forever After. It looks like an animated cross between It's A Wonderful Life and The Desire To Make Lots More Money, both of which are held in very high regard at Dreamworks.

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