Sigh... if only the real Star Warses were this awesome


15th June 2010

I can safely say this trailer for videogame Star Wars: The Old Republic is about eleventy-billion times more badass than anything in Attack Of The Clones. See also: my left nut.

If it wasn't for the videogame industry, it's arguable that the Star Wars franchise woudn't be half as successful as it is today. While George Lucas' prequel trilogy clumsily attempted mouth to mouth at the turn of the century, Star Wars games have been landing velvet kisses on fans for decades now - in some cases, even slipping in some tongue.

Get the mouthwash ready, then, because Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like being a good 'un. This trailer has everything: clone troopers, Sith lords, Jedis, lightsabres, force powers, trees... notice a distinct lack of comedy space fish and racist caricatures.

Rather disappointingly, it's a massively multiplayer online RPG for the PC, which means the actual gameplay won't really consist of tussling with the Sith, but accidentally stumbling on two player characters indulging in erotic cosplay in the deep dark woods of Kashyyyk.

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