Skyline trailer #2 is much better


29th September 2010

It'll still probably be awful. But fun all the same. Because even the worst alien invasion films are better than a punch in the dick.

The first time we saw Skyline, all we could glean from the trailer was that Stephen Hawking was worried (not that you could tell from the inflexion in his voice) and aliens were headed to Earth, where they would vacuum up humans like giant hoovers, giving journalists the gimme of the adjective 'sucks' when describing it.

Trailer #2 is some improvement, because not only do we see actual humans (That guy from 24! Turk from Scrubs! That other guy!) but we get a good look at the alien thingies too. Even though the SFX looks sub-Syfy Channel, there's at least some interesting designs on show: the big stompy robot guy could provide some giggles.

Basically, this is Independence Day 2 without the budget, or maybe War Of The Worlds without the talent. Either way, it's looking like a brief, distracting blast of sci-fi lunacy, and in the rundown to Christmas, where every 'heartbreaking' Oscar-winner wannabe gets rammed, it'll no doubt be a welcome release.

Then again, it is from the directors of Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. Bollocks.

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