Skyline trailer hopes you've never seen an alien invasion movie before


11th August 2010

It's been at least 36 hours since the last alien invasion movie was released: high time for another close encounter. Of the turd kind? (*ponders*)

I don't envy anyone tasked with writing an alien invasion movie these days. Between Steven Spielberg, HG Wells and Roland Emmerich, the concept has pretty much been bled dry. Skyline, directed by 'The Brothers Strause' of Alien Vs Predator: Requiem infamy, therefore faces a losing battle before it's even hit the boosters.

This first trailer is just a taster, a tease of what to expect come November. Unfortunately, all it has up its sleeve (aside for an odd obsession with what star nerd Stephen Hawking thinks) is a shot of an admittedly cool space hoover that reaches the grimy humans that other ships can't.

Otherwise, we've seen it all before: War Of The Worlds did the whole lightning bolt arrival, while Independence Day had huge ships drifting through clouds over major cities. Listen closely and you can even hear an audio sample from Transformers 2 - now that's stretching.

Anyway, the most important question to ask: what does Stephen Hawking think of this trailer? He'd probably shrug if he could.

YouTube rip below until Apple sort their shit out

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