Super trailer, bro


7th March 2011

If Kick-Ass and Special and Defendor didn't already exist, this would probably be the most original superhero movie ever made.

Say what you will about the DIY superhero sub-genre, and it's entirely likely that Super has had its thunder well and truly stolen by Kick-Ass, but you have to love a film trailed as "from the lunatic who directed Slither". This looks like it's played for laughs from the start, and Rainn Wilson is well-versed in playing mildly psychotic do-gooders what with his stint as a paper seller/volunteer sheriff in The Office.

You'll notice, in fact, that everyone is playing to type here. Wilson as an unhinged loser turned part-time vigilante (he's Dwight Schrute in spandex); Liv Tyler as a frigid ice-queen (Arwen never did put out); Ellen Page as a comic-savvy pop culture freak (like, for shiz); and Kevin Bacon as an asshole (natch). You'd hope it'd all come together, really.

Super has a lo-fi look and feel to it that's sure to endear it to its target audience (comic-book fans and web nerds like me) plus it has a Nathan Fillion cameo just to make sure it really zeroes in on that 'furious messageboard poster' dynamic. It's out April 1st in the US.

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