Takers trailer seems even familiarer


30th January 2010

Er, didn't we already see this trailer yesterday?

In an unfortunate display of timing, Screen Gems have released this trailer of Takers, a heist thriller that looks absolutely identical to the trailer for The Losers, only somehow more generic.

Sharp-suited criminals? Check. Cool guys who don't look at explosions? Check. A black guy saying "Damn!"? Check. A meeting on a neon-lit rooftop while the camera swirls around? Check. Idris Elba? Check. Woman-beating scumbag Chris Brown? Er, check.

The only thing that distinguishes Takers from The Losers, and indeed every other identikit 'one last job' thriller is a criminally awful, Photoshopped-to-all-hell poster, below. If Paul Walker's head is 3/5ths its usual size during the entire movie, I might just be tempted to watch it.

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