Teaser trailer for Red State, Kevin Smith's horror movie


24th December 2010

Kevin Smith is making a horror movie? I'm scared already.

I used to like Kevin Smith. Then I started following him on Twitter. When he's not discussing in great details the genitalia of his wife, he's defending himself against the critics (who, to be fair, usually have a point) or crying that airplanes aren't built big enough for him. Also, dude: respect the 140 character limit. Your tweets are too fat.

This has absolutely nothing to do with his filmmaking abilities, obviously, but he's not been doing himself any favours in that department lately either (see: Cop Out, or rather, don't). That said, Red State certainly looks like a departure for the self-styled "Don of dick and fart jokes"; a horror movie about a teens who stumble across a small-town fundamentalist preacher gone biblically insane.

It's an intriguing teaser (a tease, you could say), mainly because it looks absolutely nothing like a Kevin Smith film, which I guess is a sort of progress. If the guy can walk the walk at least 10% as much as he talks the talks the talk the talk, then Red State could be worth a watch. Not sure if Jason Mewes' cameo as 'Zombie Jesus' will be all that funny, mind.

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