The A-Team movie trailer


11th January 2010

Thought remaking The A-Team for the big screen was a dumb idea? Wait until you see the first trailer. Tanks! Planes! Tanks in planes shooting other planes? Why the hell not!

Already a contender for the year's most awesome/awful movie, Joe Carnahan's retooling of The A-Team is bound to get a few hackles up, due to the nature of taking a harmless Saturday afternoon action serial, throwing millions of dollars at it and expecting people to take it seriously. Well, there's certainly no danger of that last bit any more.

The A-Team trailer leaked online in terrible quality on Friday, but thanks to Trailer Addict's suspect sources, there's a new, if-not-high-then-slightly-better-def copy of the teaser out there surfing the tubes. It's down there, look. God bless you, internet pirates.

The highlights? Wait until the post-title sequence, in which the team survive a plane attack by jumping in the onboard tank, parachuting out of the wreckage and machine-gunning another plane on the way down. FIIIIGHT!

Lowlights? UFC meathead Rampage Jackson looks to have little-to-no acting ability - surprising, for someone who gets punched in the face for a living. Dialogue is clunkier than an orthopedic shoe, and combined with Jackson's 'I just crapped myself' pout, we get pained lines like, "Sucks to be you, homie!" It sure does. Also, spot the references to the TV show. All 89 of them. Cuh.

Still, this looks like being the dumbest action movie of the year, which - in my world, at least - equates to a very fun time indeed. Carnahan can pull off really stunning action sequences when he wants to (see: the opening scene of Narc, the shootout in Smokin' Aces) so worry not: this looks like earning a hearty pre-credits group laugh and a freeze-frame. Right guys? Ahahaha! Ahahaha! Ahaha-

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