The Crazies trailer is Olyphantastic


13th December 2009

Remember zombies? They used to be cool before vampires and werewolves became fashionable. They're still pottering around in this remake of one of George Romero's non-Dead movies. Braaiiins? Move along.

Let this be known: the only reason I'm posting this trailer of The Crazies is because I love Timothy Olyphant. Can't quite put my finger on why: I haven't even seen Deadwood. It certainly wasn't Hitman. Maybe it's Scream 2 or something. Or maybe because his surname sounds like something beastly from Middle-Earth. "And then Frodo slayed the mighty Olyphant, and performed a queer little jig."

Either way, I'm not posting this trailer because The Crazies looks particularly special, because it doesn't. Seems like most zombie movies these days use slightly different hooks (this one is mass insanity) to wind up with the exact same last half-hour: a group of people running away from bloodthirsty flesh-eaters. Big whoop. Cut straight to the intestine eating, braniacs.

As far as I can tell, the only difference between this and the last eight dozen zombie movies I saw is that this one has a scene set in a carwash. Crazy or what!

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