The Losers trailer seems familiar


29th January 2010

Think Ocean's Eleven meets The Expendables meets Smokin' Aces meets The A-Team meets Stuff Happening In Slow-Motion.

This trailer for ensemble action comedy The Losers was aiming to tick as many genre boxes as possible, consider its biro fresh outta ink. Slow-mo explosions and gun-fire? Check. Heavy rock soundtrack? Check. Greasy crime lord in white suit? Check. David Holmes' Ocean's Eleven 'heist' music? Check. PG-13 topless scene? Check. A smartass douchebag making snide comments? Derp de derp derp check.

Yeah, it feels like a combination of about a thousand movies you've never seen before, but it still feels kinda fun. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a real presence about him since Watchmen and he's not capitalised on it until now, plus it'll be nice to fantastise about Zoe Saldana without having to worry about what orifice she's plugging her ponytail into.

The Losers is released on 9 April in the UK. Derp de derp.

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