The witch is wack in new trailer for 'Season of the Witch'


11th November 2010

It's been almost exactly one year since the first Season of the Witch trailer. But now, following studio delays and a change of distributor, it's nearly time for Nic Cage to deliver us from evil.

We do love us some Cage. Cheesy as hell, sure, but can you imagine The Wicker Man remake or Port of Call - New Orleans with anyone else in the lead role? Those movies probably would have slid off the face of the Earth directly into the bargain bin if Cage hadn't been on hand to deliver his particular brand of OTT insanity.

So it's a bit of a mystery to me as to why he looks so bored in this trailer. It's got a witch *and* a sword - what more do you want, Nic? Where's the maniacal laughter? The trademark crazy eyes? I bet they guaranteed him Oscars for an historically accurate epic, then put the witch bits in later. It's not a Nic Cage film - nae, Event - if he's being made to act with restraint. Take our advice, Nic: don't ever compromise!

'Season of the Witch' is on general release from January 7th 2011. Cheers to /Film for the heads-up. We probably stole it from them last year too.

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