The Wolfman trailer schools Twilight


21st October 2009

Yesterday, Twilight sequel New Moon showed off its short-wearing, shirtless, wolves of ethnicity. Benicio Del Toro's Wolfman is not happy and is about to teach them a lesson where wolves are concerned. Awooo!

I'm really digging the feel for journeyman Joe Johnston's take on The Wolfman - maybe it's the remnants of music vid director Mark Romanek's aesthetics, or maybe it's just because Benicio Del Toro is more animal than man. Play spot the difference in the pic above.

This second trailer gives us a juicier look at the lycanthrope in question, though unfortunately the transformation scenes seem to be mostly CG, as gruesome as they are. For giggles, you also get to see Emily Blunt's naked back and Anthony Hopkins being weird. It's a good trailer.

The Wolfman is released in the UK on 12 February 2010. Watch the trailer below or in high definition on and never mention New Moon and its werehorses ever again.

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