Trailer: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark


4th August 2010

You say that, Guillermo del Toro, but then you go and make the dark all scary. A better title would be, It's Okay To Be Afraid Of The Dark, Because It's Fucking Terrifying.

Good old Guillermo del Toro is getting over his break-up with JRR Tolkien the best way he knows how: scaring the liquid shit out of everyone. This trailer for Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark is genuinely unsettling, and not just because it stars the hollow husk of Katie Holmes.

Seriously, there's ten seconds of nothing but a black screen that had me more nervous than the whole of The Unborn. And that last frame scare? Fuck. Me. I'm not ashamed to say I screamed louder than I did during my first STD test.

Del Toro is only on production duty, but his name is generally a big, fat, Mexican seal of quality on a movie - see The Orphanage for proof. He'll be moving on to direct At The Mountains Of Madness with James Cameron soon, and with all of the projects he's currently involved with, I can honestly say I won't weep for his Hobbit. But you should weep for mine: the test came back positive >:(

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