Trailer for British thriller Kill List, the killiest film that ever killed


20th July 2011

Here's my Kill List. #1. Katherine Heigl. #2. Robert Mugabe. That's it.

Not to sound like a hipster or nuffink, but I used to be into Ben Wheatley, like, before he was the new darling of the British Film Industry? Yes, that's right; I was there when 'mr wheatley', as he was known, used to post topical Photoshops and clever gags on time-wasting portal, It was there he was ordained as a promising young film director; on those same primitive forums as I, where his future in film was assured.

Of course, I never actually interacted with him in any way, and I missed his directorial debut, Down Terrace, but don't let's get facts in the way of a good smug session. Anyway, I'm planning on making it up to him by watching - and loving - his new movie, Kill List. It's got all the British film journos tripping over their beards in order to fling praise its way, and it looks like with good reason, too. Here's the first trailer.

From what I can see, the only thing stopping this from being a career-making British thriller par excellence is the casting of Michael Smiley aka Tyres from Spaced - a man whose very presence makes you want to neck some dodgy speed, listen to some hardcore Belgian trance and then get monged while watching the Star Wars trilogy. Potentially problematic.

However, everyone 'in the know' seems to be extremely excited about Kill List, and you can totally see it becoming the British film to back this year - you know, the kind of movie that has a poster covered in so many five-star ratings it looks like Robbie Collin has jizzed on it.

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