Trailer for George Lucas' Red Tails; fuck George Lucas


30th July 2011

Here's proof that George Lucas has time to make other films in between touching up your childhood and raping the legacy of Star Wars: the first trailer for his long-awaited WWII aerial drama, Red Tails.

Poor old George Lucas. He spent his whole adult life dedicating himself to his craft, creating fantastic new worlds and pushing technology as far as it can go, but today's Jar Jar-scarred generation actually think his first name is 'Fuck'. I think this infographic sums up his situation rather well.

The man might sleep on a bed made out of solid gold diamonds, but he's so synonymous with Star Wars, you fear for his future projects ever getting the recognition they deserve. Take Red Tails, for example; the WWII drama about black fighter pilots striving for equality in the air. It looks pretty good, but all I could think about while watching the trailer was 'I wonder if he just re-used the graphics from the Naboo fighter assault?'

Count your clichés, right guys? You know there's righteous indignation in the house if Cuba Gooding Jr is wearing his serious face. Lucas only produced Red Tails, leaving Anthony Hemingway to direct (although rumours surfaced that Lucas shot the reshoots), but you do fear for the film if all of the dialogue is that corny. It's rough, and coarse. Like sand.

PS. I have the best alternate title for Red Tails, but I'm scared it makes me a bit of a racist. With that in mind, I've written it in white text, which absolves me of all subsequent accusations: >> Niggaz With Altitude <<.

LOL, right guys? Guys? LOL? Guys?

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