Trailer for James L Brooks' Paul Rudd romcom, How Do You Know


14th August 2010

That should have a question mark, surely.

Paul Rudd is probably the funniest guy in Hollywood at the moment, yet he insists on jeopardising his status as my favourite person by starring in sub-par romcoms. In completely unrelated news, here's the trailer for How Do You Know, a romcom starring Paul Rudd.

This one's from uber-producer James L Brooks, who was also behind As Good As It Gets, which explains the presence of Jack Nicholson here. Unfortunately, he's cancelled out by the twin anchors of mediocrity that are Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson, a coupling so bland you often mistake them for set furniture. I'm surprised Rudd doesn't try and sit on them by accident.

In fact, this trailer is so dull, I'm going to remind you all that according to rumours, Jack Nicholson once stopped in the middle of a vigorous bout of lovemaking to eat an entire apple pie, then returned to bed to finish the job. I think we could all learn a lot from a man like Jack.

Yes, the lack of question mark in the first line was intentional. Just so you know.

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