Trailer: Tony Scott's Unstoppable


8th August 2010

Destined to be known as The Train That Wouldn't Slow Down.

Tony Scott makes some awful dumb movies (note: that's 'awful dumb', not 'awful and dumb') but he may have outdone himself with Unstoppable. Yes, it could be even more dumb than the time travel car chase in Deja Vu.

Based on a true story, but probably not really, Unstoppable sees Denzel Washington and Chris Pine play two engineers who find themselves playing catch-up with a rogue speeding train full of chemicals that's headed straight into a disabled children's hospital or something. I literally don't think the plot is any more complicated than that.

I'm getting a Speed-meets-Stealth vibe here (hands off Variety, that's my analogy), with some trademark Tony Scott action scenes thrown in for good measure. Sure, the movie's about a speeding train that's literally on rails, but that doesn't mean you can't have a police car flip over a bunch of times and policemen randomly shooting stuff. It's called giving the people what they want!

Also, note the trademark authority douchebag who's only concerned about his own reputation. "I'm not risking this company just because some engineer wants to play hero!" he yells, completely unaware Captain Fucking Kirk is trying to save the day. I'm pretty sure that in real life, there's no asshole big enough to yell something like that when there's a bus full of retards about to be atomised. Hollywood! (*comedy shrug, sad trombone*)

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