Trespass trailer = CAGE RAGE


19th August 2011

Make room for another home invasion movie, this one starring Nicolas Cage, who'll protect his home by any means necessary. Don't make him over-act - you wouldn't like him when he's over-acty.

Remember how surprised you were the first time you saw a Val Kilmer movie go straight to DVD? Then Cuba Gooding Jr followed, and Wesley Snipes took up residence in the bargain bin? I used to think it was only slightly paunchy action heroes who made films for DVD, but now Oscar-winning pairing Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are bypassing cinemas with Trespass. Probably because it's shit, but it's shocking all the same.

This is a Joel Schumacher film, which means it'll be slick and glossy but ultimately devoid of any thrills of substance. The trailer already reveals at least one twist - it kind of had to, because the concept has been done to death - and you do wonder what else the movie could possibly have up its sleeve. Maybe Cage's character is actually GHOST RIDER. Yeah, that'd be pretty cool. Okay Trespass, you've won me over.

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