Turtle Recall trailer is toadally awesome


1st April 2012

Arriving fashionably late for the weekend round-up, here's the full trailer for Total Recall. Is it uncool to suggest that this looks like it could be really good fun? Because... well, that.

While I'm in no doubt that Colin Farrell could never hold a candle to Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of charisma and/or carrying logs over his shoulder, I'm not quite as filled with faux-outrage over this Total Recall remake as I feel 'society' thinks I should be. It looks pretty slick for starters, with a pretty unique future aesthetic (but only if you discount The Fifth Element) and a neat line in nods to the original (i.e. lines and props 'remembered wholesale').

Len Wiseman is the man in the chair, and if his Die Hard movie was anything to go by, it'll be a good-looking, fast-moving, wholly acceptable action movie that's perhaps only guilty of not being as good as the original. That said, I hate the attitude that a remake is automatically a more inferior film, particularly because I watched Total Recall on Moroccan TV when I was on holiday recently and, to be honest, I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. No one is remaking The Godfather here. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to cry. You want to get the nerds onside, Len? Two words: four tits.

So yeah, a middle-finger to anyone who thinks that Total Recall 2012 is obliged to suck: I'm sticking my neck out and saying it'll be one of the better action sci-fis of the year. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the trailer can't be shrunk to fit our usual slim pages, necessitating a wide page design, but we can hardly blame Len Wiseman for that.

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