Worst movie of the year discovered


22nd June 2011

Oh god. Here's the first trailer from the Footloose remake, starring [reminder to find out chump's name from IMDB later] and Dennis Quaid. Why? Because those Sunday shoes won't kick off themselves!

You could be looking at the year's most hilarious comedy: this remake of Footloose looks so hilarious misguided, it's sure to provide a noseful of LOLfactory delights. So let me get this straight - they updated it to the modern day, but they didn't update something so ridiculously outdated as a small town banning public dancing? This was borderline retarded in 1984; in 2011, it's the stuff Razzies are made of.

And before you ask, yes, they have remade the 'punch dancing' warehouse scene, which was way beyond parody even before Hot Rod expertly spoofed it. Footloose 2011 seems to be a movie which, during production, no one had the balls to say, "Uhh, should we really be doing this? Isn't it... like, dumb?"

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