X-Men: First Class trailer arrives


11th February 2011

After a long day's worth of waiting, the first trailer for X-Men: Babies hit the internet so hard during the night, it woke me up just as I was getting somewhere with the Caramel Bunny. DAMN YOU XAVIER!

So, check it out - an introduction featuring glimpses of the old X-Men films (lest we forget), some brightly coloured silly uniforms, some great looking special effects, some neat looking 60s-esque touches and, to make sure we all know this is still a grounded, modern story, it's all set to some broody chug-chugging guitar! (*pout*)

I personally can't wait for this - I'm gay for all things comic-book in movies and I can watch the original X-Men films again and again (even the shitty third one). Plus, Kevin Bacon makes everything better - even paedophilia (see The Woodsman).

Think about that while you enjoy this footage of X-Men: Babies.

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