You scream, I scream, we all scream for the Scream 4 trailer


21st October 2010

"The rules have changed," says a spotty little Randy substitute. Essentially though, Scream 4 will still be about a masked murdered who likes to stab people. So that's okay then.

Earlier this week a shakycam trailer of Scream 4 surfaced on the internet, which some lark had helpfully filmed off the telly when it debuted on the Spike TV Scream awards. Hey, I get it! It was only a matter of time before the for reals version found its way online, and friend, today is that day. Cast your peepers on Wes Craven's creepers.

I'm actually a big fan of the Scream trilogy (apart from maybe Scream 3) and all of this wink-wink, nudge-nudge genre savviness in general. More movies should assume audiences actually, y'know, watch movies. The first two Screams tickled the chin of convention and played along with the viewers, while remaining highly competent horror films in their own right. It's a shame Scream 3 almost died trying to suck its own dick.

Scream 4, then, is claiming the rules of horror have changed, and will no doubt poke fun at modern slasher movies. True enough, since Sidney Prescott was last on the big screen, the Saws and Hostels and Rape Revenge Movies have had their moments. Frankly though, they do a good enough job of lampooning themselves. Saw VII? That's like something you'd expect to see on a cinema marquee in a John Landis movie.

What's more, I can't say I approve of all this 'Scre4m' nonsense. Where was this numerical terrorism during Scr3am part three? Wes 'Constant' Craven had the good sense to keep numbers and letters apart back then; there's only trouble when them two get together. Just ask 5nal Destination: its arsehole still stings after it was mistaken for a porn parody.

I'll see your Anna Paquin and raise you Kristen Bell. Touché, Wes Craven.

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