Zookeeper trailer: witness the many faces of Kevin James


17th May 2011

Derp de derp de teedly tum te tum de durpa derpa tum te doo.

After playing fat, hapless idiots in movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Dilemma, Hitch and Grown Ups, Kevin James is branching out. In Zookeeper, he plays a fat, hapless idiot who talks to animals. (*record scratch*) He doesn't just talk to them... he raps to them! (*canned laughter*) What's more, they're helping him land the woman of his dreams! (*sound of coming apocalypse*)

I'm not sure the trailer adequately displays James' range. Just look at his facial muscles do all the heavy lifting. These pics tell quite the story.

You'll notice I made no mention of Adam Sandler literally voicing a cheeky monkey. That's because Adam Sandler and I are on a time out.

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