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Awesome 70-minute critique of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Awesome 70-minute critique of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Generally listening to a film nerd tell you in detail why they disliked a film is about as pleasurable as trying to extract a wisdom tooth. But this critique of The Phantom Menace is different. Why? Because it's correct.

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Posted by Charsped at 01:25 on 18/07/17
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Posted by Phyllis at 02:35 on 22/12/09
Made the mistake of merely LISTENING to this while I was getting ready for work this morning. Had to re-do my mascara umpteen times-- I was laughing so hard I was crying. Brilliant piece of work.
Posted by neophyte at 18:28 on 19/12/09
M-a-s-t-e-r-p-i-e-c-e. And I don't mean the film.
Got stomachache from laughing. Entertaining as hell, yet so true.

Thx Ali for posting it.
Posted by Ori at 10:00 on 19/12/09
Hah, pretty nice. Personally I think of Neeson as kind of a poor man's Ford (at this point I'd like to state that my brain might be small enough to be affected by the fact that they kind of look alike, and yet not so small that it's affected by just having watched 70 minutes with Ford being prominent). That said, that's not a small feat.
Posted by Luke at 09:49 on 19/12/09
Don't worry, Ori - here are Liam Neeson's best bits (I actually like Liam Neeson and am looking forward to him in The A-Team and Clash of the Titans, just to get that on record).

Posted by Ori at 09:46 on 19/12/09
I enjoyed this tremendously (even without, luckily, having watched the movie).
Posted by Luke at 09:00 on 19/12/09
This site comes top in google for "fuck George Lucas". Our finest triumph.

The last 15 seconds of part 6 are a kick in the balls (or ovaries) and actually quite sad.
Posted by Goatboy at 04:37 on 19/12/09
WAtched part 1 and it's excellent in explaining what absolute blank slates everybody is in Menace. Watching the rest after work.
Fuck George Lucas
Posted by Kirsty at 03:32 on 19/12/09
I facebooked it too. His reviews of Star Trek TNG movies are equally watchable.

We should do all our reviews like this.
Posted by Nick at 02:11 on 19/12/09
Good stuff but as much he repeatedly decimates the logic vacuum in Phantom Menace, it still feels as if there's more to criticise. It says a lot that a 70 minute review still feels incomplete.
Good to hear Buffalo Bill Gumb is doing fine as well.
Posted by Luke at 01:16 on 19/12/09
Haha, that was brilliant.
Posted by Ali at 23:57 on 18/12/09
It's so good. I watched the first bit thinking I wouldn't bother sticking around for the rest, but I watched it all.

Says a lot for how bad it was that I was willing to spend over an hour listening to some guy rip it a new a-hole.
Posted by Chris at 23:50 on 18/12/09
I just posted this on my Facebook the other night. Glad to see it's making the rounds, as it is probably the best breakdown of exactly what went wrong with Phantom Menace.
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