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Sixth-former wins competition to name Jesse Owens biopic

Posted by Ed Williamson at 16:00 on 27 Nov 2015
Sixth-former wins competition to name Jesse Owens biopic
"Because it's about a race, like running, yeah?" explained 17-year-old politics student Hugo Potench, smoking in that slightly nervous way that you can definitely tell means he doesn't enjoy it. "But it's also about RACE. Like, what happens to black people. Yeah?


Review: The Good Dinosaur

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:45 on 26 Nov 2015
The Good Dinosaur
After hitting dizzying new heights with this summer's mind-bending, mind-bonding masterpiece Inside Out, Pixar are now suffering the subsequent downer: not only is The Good Dinosaur one of the bleakest and most relentlessly grim movies they've ever made, it's possibly the lowest high concept movie they've conceived to date. Although there's no denying The Good Dinosaur is the most incredible-looking movie of the year, its beauty hides the scars of a screenplay that has been diced and spliced like dino DNA at Jurassic Park.

What even is 'a Danny Boyle movie'?

Posted by Ali Gray at 10:50 on 22 Nov 2015
What even is 'a Danny Boyle movie'?
What does a Danny Boyle movie look like? What does a Danny Boyle movie feel like? Do you know? Does anyone? There is no denying that the director has made some memorable films in his lifetime, hopping from genre to genre and from continent to continent like a gap year student trying to find himself. There's no railroading the brilliance of Trainspotting; precious little shade to throw at Sunshine; Steve Jobs, out now, is as polished and pretty as a freshly unboxed iMac. But can you name another director as high profile and as critically revered as Danny Boyle who so lacks a visible, tangible, recognisable style? He is the invisible man.

Guess the Shia LaBeouf film from the #AllMyMovies screengrab

Posted by Matt Looker at 13:00 on 11 Nov 2015
Guess the Shia LaBeouf film from the #AllMyMovies screengrab
Infamous philoso-raptor Shia LaBeouf has an all-new performance project that will make you think like you have never thunk before. Get ready to have your mind bashed in with Shia's art truth!

Review: Kill Your Friends

Posted by Ed Williamson at 14:30 on 06 Nov 2015
Kill Your Friends
I read the NME quite a lot as a younger man, when they had proper bands with normal trousers and songs with choruses, but I never knew what an 'A&R man' was. On the basis of Kill Your Friends it must stand for Amoral & R... retributive? Ha! No, come to think of it you wouldn't have that as your job title; it wouldn't make any sense, particularly on a full industrial scale. What would your job description even be? I haven't thought this through at all. Ooh look, a film.

Review: Steve Jobs

Posted by Ali Gray at 13:00 on 05 Nov 2015
Steve Jobs
Was Steve Jobs a genius? Was he a revolutionary? Did he change the world? Or was he just an egotistical asshole? Danny Boyle's Jobs iOpic, powered by word processor Aaron Sorkin, doesn't so much pick a side as it does tick all the boxes. Michael Fassbender's Apple guru is at once exhilaratingly wise and exhaustingly obstinate; a complex man with fearsome drive but fundamental flaws; a man who doesn't deserve a glowing biopic or a Hollywood hatchet job. Boyle's portrait of the Cupertino legend is a fizzing, lively affair that certainly has you convinced of one man's genius, although we're guessing that man wasn't supposed to be Aaron Sorkin.

22 plot ideas to make Burnt more interesting

Posted by Ed Williamson, Ali Gray at 11:30 on 23 Oct 2015
22 plot ideas to make Burnt more interesting
Now Burnt, see, is a film about a chef, a bloody chef, and it looks very dull indeed. So dull that it was at one point called 'Chef', which is literally just the job of the person it's about, like if The Fugitive was called 'Vascular Surgeon'. Then it was called 'Adam Jones', which is not a good title for a film, or arguably a person. No one interesting has ever been called Adam Jones. Go on, name one.

Review: Spectre

Posted by Matt Looker at 23:00 on 21 Oct 2015
If Daniel Craig's incarnation of 007 had any agenda over the course of his previous three films, it was to get Bond back to basics, away from the spoofable superspy tropes of volcano lairs and invisible cars. Acting as a prequel series to the franchise sold this idea rather well, presenting us with a simple, bold and brutal spy at the start of his game. The problem is, each Craig film so far has ended with Bond primed and positioned to become the man we see at the start of Dr No, and they have created hidden steps along that journey. As such it has felt like a cheat, like counting down "three, two, one, er... a half, a quarter, an eighth" and so on. But now Spectre really feels like we have finally reached the end of that countdown, and it does so in part by tying all the previous films together into one conclusion. But it also does it by embracing all the embarrassingly awful 007 traditions that this modern Bond had previously shied away from.

Wait, HOW long is Kylo Ren's arm in that Force Awakens poster?

Posted by Matt Looker at 07:00 on 21 Oct 2015
Click image for full-size picture

Yes, we're still talking about Star Wars. No, YOU'RE obsessed. Shut up. (As pointed out by @Becky_Super)

9 Gifs from the new Star Wars trailer you won't find anywhere else

Posted by Matt Looker at 08:00 on 20 Oct 2015
9 Gifs from the new Star Wars trailer you won't find anywhere else
The new Star Wars trailer is here! There are explosions and lightsabers and robots and space and flying and old people! Every single nano-parsec of it is AMAZING.
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