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Here's that Vinnie Jones update you asked for

Posted by Matt Looker at 07:00 on 28 Aug 2014
Here's that Vinnie Jones update you asked for
I recently had reason to look at Vinnie Jones' IMDB page. I forget why now, because my brain has been dazzled by the sheer number of projects he currently has in the works. Brother be almost as busy as Eric Roberts.

Review: Million Dollar Arm

Posted by Ed Williamson at 12:45 on 26 Aug 2014
Million Dollar Arm
The movies' use of sports as a metaphor for personal growth far outstrips the idea's efficacy in real life. Your team's against-the-odds victory in the Rumbelows Cup is unlikely to inspire a realisation that you have your priorities all wrong and lead to a marriage proposal to your long-suffering girlfriend.

But there's something in it. No, watching the snooker doesn't really mimic the ups and downs of real life, but there's a real euphoria and a despondency that sports can inspire, which can convince you momentarily that your life is amazing or terrible. Translate that to the big screen, framed around a guy who's learning to be a bit less self-centred or to pull himself out of a humdrum existence, and you've got yourself the template for a sports movie.

Horrible interviews #346: Kelly Brook and Jake Lloyd

Posted by Matt Looker at 14:00 on 26 Aug 2014

Kelly Brook's incompetence, Jake Lloyd's cockiness, the 90s' garishness... it's the perfect shitstorm. Just because. (via @JimothyShondell)

Dickie bows out: Rest in peace Richard Attenborough (1923-2014)

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:30 on 24 Aug 2014
Dickie bows out: Rest in peace Richard Attenborough (1923-2014)
I was very sorry to hear about the sad passing of Lord Richard Attenborough this evening. Although I am fully aware his acting legacy extends back way beyond 1993, he'll always be Jurassic Park's creator John Hammond to me: my favourite character in my favourite movie ever. I wrote a little bit on what Attenborough brought to the role here, but I don't feel much like eulogising right now: I'm going to get busy knowing him better first. So long, Dickie, and thanks for all the dinosaurs.

Review: Into The Storm

Posted by Rob Young at 07:00 on 22 Aug 2014
Into The Storm
Unless you toss a few sharks into the mix, or have Bill Paxton chasing them down, it’s tough to get people riled up about a tornado. No, what people want these days are several of the windy buggers, scary-as-hell firenados, entire towns flattened, confused shaky cams, people scrambling for phone signal and a pair of drunken thrill-seeking hillbillies with a GoPro looking for YouTube hits.

Dead Snow 2 poster brings on the Lolocaust

Posted by Matt Looker at 14:00 on 21 Aug 2014
Dead Snow 2 poster brings on the Lolocaust
I am Goebbling up this Nazi pun. It falls right in Mein Kampfort zone. They've judged the tone just Reich. I hate myself.

Review: What If

Posted by Becky Mather at 07:00 on 21 Aug 2014
What If
The world of rom-coms is a fickle one; for every When Harry Met Sally there's The Other Half (starring Danny Dyer, it's on Netflix) or something-or-other starring Isla Fisher tripping over a lot. Whilst it's not going to break new romantic ground, the likeable leads and overwhelming sweetness of What If won me over. God I hate myself sometimes.

Potentially good Adam Sandler film alert

Posted by Ed Williamson at 14:00 on 20 Aug 2014

(*sighs*) Fine, another trailer for an Adam Sandler film, nothing to see here WAIT SHIT HE'S GOT A BEARD IT MUST BE A SERIOUS ONE MAN YOUR STATIONS EVERYBODY

Review: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Posted by Ali Gray at 07:00 on 20 Aug 2014
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Nine years after the pages turned on Robert Rodriguez's first Sin City movie, and with at least three major parts recast, you can't help but think this Dame To Kill For is sashaying into town long after everyone has lost interest. Showing no signs of added maturity - if anything it's even more juvenile - this slick-yet-soulless sequel features the required quota of girls, guns and garrotting, but it's unlikely to win over those who were unimpressed by the same stiff sideshow almost a decade ago.

New Shiznit film critic Michael Owen reviews this week's new releases

Posted by Michael Owen at 13:30 on 15 Aug 2014
New Shiznit film critic Michael Owen reviews this week's new releases
The internet did a collective snigger today when a Guardian interview revealed footballer-turned-pundit Michael Owen had only ever seen five films in his life, including Jurassic Park, Ghost and Heat. Because I'm a die hard Liverpool fan and I'm always keen to expand the horizons of fledgling film fans, I asked Michael if he was up for watching and reviewing five of this week's new releases, doubling his total. Unbelievably, he said yes! I know! I'm still in shock! Take it away, Michael Owen!
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