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I've forgotten how to review movies and it's all The Boss Baby's fault

I've forgotten how to review movies and it's all The Boss Baby's fault
I often look back at old articles on this site, and sometimes I don't recognise the man who ran it. Updates of such ferocious frequency! Four, sometimes five reviews a week! Regular features! Good ones! Critical assessments of films that weren't necessarily within my own sphere of interest! Who was this guy? (Spoiler: it was me). What happened to him? (Spoiler: he had kids).

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Posted by Galli at 12:26 on 03/05/17
Thanks for this deeply personal insight, Ali!
I come and visit this site for quite a few years now and there is an uncountable number of moments of me, sitting in the office and trying not to laugh all too loudly at another one of your features.
Of course one really notices the recent change your site has gone through, eg in terms of frequency of new content or the - how should i put this - increase in 'intellectual' level, or the absence of a certain kind of cynicism. But I think it's OK to move on, we all do. We grow older, become more mature (in some cases) and more thoughtful. For me, not being a father yet, i probably cannot emphasize with you on that special topic, but i can imagine how it changes the way one sees the word and watches movies.

I really, fullheartedly hope you keep updating this site now and then. As well as the industry produces movies for certain target groups, film journalism and reviews themselves also have their target groups. I, for one, am able to identify a bunch of people / sites / reviewers on whose opinion i simply can rely. You and your co-writers here are some of them.
And in case i miss your tartness in future reviews, there will always be shitty posters and one sheets to rant on.

Anyway, thanks for all your work! Really looking forward to everything you manage to put up here in the future.

Posted by neophyte at 20:31 on 15/04/17
Good to know you are still alive Ali.

Parenting changes everything, indeed.

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Edited at 21:01 on 15/04/17
Posted by Ali at 16:51 on 14/04/17
Aha! Cheers!
Posted by JimPuppetRebel at 15:39 on 14/04/17
Coffee is for closers. You're welcome!
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