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LittleBigPicture: Songs of praise

LittleBigPicture: Songs of praise
Had you for a second there, didn't we? As if we'd do an article on Songs of Praise. All those choirs singing those random songs in perfect harmony. Snore. Who wants to watch that? It's all singing and cardigans; so wholesome and tedious. No sirreebob, this week is all about my favourite new show of the year. Despite what you might think, it's not really about the singing...

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Posted by Matt at 12:32 on 08/05/10
I actually really like this show. Sue Sylvester makes it, of course, but I even find the glorious cheesiness of the singing quite...infectious.

I'm glad I'm not alone in wondering if it''s actually spoofing it's own genre though. I think it manages to appeal to kids by doing that whole High School Musical thing, while also appealing to adults by pretending "it's all a piss-take really".
Posted by Kirsty at 04:55 on 08/05/10
Good luck, Ugly Betty ended.
Posted by Luke at 15:46 on 07/05/10
The show, of course! I think Kirsty is right in that it should be on kids TV in the mornings, before the adults have awoken. So before 11am.
Posted by Nick at 15:43 on 07/05/10
The show or this article? I'm going to start writing reviews on Britains Got Talent and Ugly Betty if this is the direction this site is heading in.
Posted by Luke at 15:21 on 07/05/10
I can't figure out of it's meant to be an elaborate joke or not?
Charlotte Black
Posted by Charlotte Black at 14:46 on 07/05/10

It has its funny moments but it's still big "bloody hell, NO!" from me. And I can't belive Jane Lynch lowered herself to that level, so dissapointed.
Posted by Kirsty at 03:41 on 07/05/10
It's really not for everyone. It is bloody good though, and it's worth forcing yourself through it to see Jane Lynch's performance. Really very good.

Perhaps next week something a little more highbrow.
Posted by Ben at 03:13 on 07/05/10
Looking at the ethnically and gender diverse kids above - oh and one in a wheelchair too - I'm pretty sure this isn't for me.
Posted by Nick at 00:41 on 07/05/10
Posted by Camille at 23:50 on 06/05/10
Sue Sylvester is one of the most hilarious characters on tv right now. I love Jane Lynch. However, I can't figure out if this show is being ironic about its subject (the choir! the teen pregnancy! the teacher with perfect curls! the misfists!) or plays it straight. It confuses and annoys me.
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