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Prometheus virals cross the line into 'actually genuinely disturbing'

Warning: fucking horrifying audio death scene revealed by Prometheus viral. Could be considered a spoiler if you're blind. (via Bleeding Cool)

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Posted by Ali at 17:26 on 06/05/12
Rated 18 in Spain apparently. I reckon a 15 over here. I was at a Q&A with Ridley Scott recently and when asked about what age rating he was aiming for, he said "Whichever age rating will earn me the most money" which is a refreshingly honest way of putting it, but I think it was maybe misdirection.

Multiple cuts, maybe? I wouldn't be surprised.
Posted by Pandaemonium at 17:02 on 06/05/12
There's no way this is going to be a pg13 as suggested. This clip actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.
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