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12th September 2011

I was going to do an intro in comedy 'street' patois but I realised I didn't know how and I couldn't be bothered. Let's just say I did and get on with the business of giving away five copies of Attack The Block on double-play Blu-ray/DVD. Do kids still call each other blud? Never mind.

I'm still mentally juggling the positions in my end-of-year Top 20 round-up (oh, the anticipation!) but Attack The Block will definitely be there in the upper echelons, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Oscar-winners and Ryan Gosling movies. It sounds like a wanky thing to say, but it feels like the most British British movie of the year - an actual real representation of this country and its residents. Even if it is about gorilla wolf motherfuckers.

It's my great pleasure, therefore, to give away five copies of Attack The Block on double-play disc - that includes the Blu-ray for the poshos and the DVD for the divs. All you have to do is click here to enter and answer an insultingly easy question which even the chav lurking on your street corner could answer. They're people too, you know.

Allow it, bruv. Sorry, I tried. I really tried.

Attack The Block is released on DVD & Blu-ray on April 19th

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