17 things we still don't know about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ali Gray

11th October 2015

There is still much we don't know about the new Star Wars movie. What is it called? Who will direct it? Which characters from the original trilogy will return? I have just done a cursory Google search and found that all of my previous questions do in fact have answers. But I'm pretty sure the following ones don't.

Finn's surname

Of all the characters, only Rey and Finn have not had their surnames revealed to the public. Speculation suggests that Rey could be the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Therefore, it stands to reason that Finn, played by John Boyega, could be Lando Calrissian's son. Because, y'know, he's bla... um... well, he's from that part of the galax... he's, er... (*panics and talks for 45 minutes*) which is why I believe that Idris Elba should never be allowed to play James Bond.
Whether or not Kylo Ren has a man-bun

We've seen neither hide not hair of Kylo Ren without his helmet so far, but we're most interested in the latter. What hairstyle is Kylo rocking? JJ Abrams cannot in good conscience keep this detail from us for long. If Kylo Ren has a man-bun, the internet won't be able to even right now. If he doesn't have a man-bun, then which character does?
Do they have waffles

I feel like waffles are a kind of universal thing that every culture and every species would arrive at organically over any given space and time. What I want to know is, have the characters of The Force Awakens discovered and subsequently embraced the waffle as a breakfast option. If not, why?
If Luke Skywalker has a car and what its stopping distance is

JJ Abrams has a responsibility as director of a Star Wars movie for a new generation and part of that responsibility is to teach children about road safety. We don't know if Luke Skywalker will get behind the wheel of a vehicle in The Force Awakens - research suggests that he will - so we are as yet only able to speculate over what distance he'll be able to bring his vehicle to a complete stop after applying full pressure to his brakes while driving at the speed limit. Stop holding out on us, JJ!
What R2D2 is saying

So what's the deal with this guy? Can the others understand him? Does the other robot know what's up? The tall one I mean? I feel like we're missing some subtitles or something. I don't know why this doesn't bother anyone else. Sometimes I feel like I know what the little dude is trying to say and then other times it's just bleeps and bloops. Is he talking in some programming language I don't understand? Oh man I'm so high right now.
How you pronounce Domhnall, as in Domhnall Gleeson

Perhaps some things are best left as mysteries.
Where Anakin Skywalker went

He just sort of disappeared about 10 minutes before the end of Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith! Talk about a continuity blunder!
Whether Max Rebo can handle his liquor

That dopey elephant fucker talks a good game but we'll see how much of a man he is when the big boys are at the Cantina bar. You hear me, you Joseph Merrick, My Ten-Tonne Son, blue rinse heffalump-looking motherfucker? Vodka shots, line them up, RIGHT NOW.
What colour lightsaber I am thinking of right now

Wrong, it's green!
How any characters tell the time

Nobody ever wears watches in the Star Wars movies and there never any clocks on any of the walls. Also there are two suns on Tatooine so sundials are not a viable method for telling time on that particular planet. Maybe they just, like, guess? I mean, I get how Jedis would know the time. They know all sorts of stuff. But does everyone else... just... ask a Jedi the time? That seems like a needlessly complex system to me.
What the deal is with The Force Awakening

You know when you is, like, The Force, and you just gettin' off to sleep, and you like, ahhh, finally, time to get some Force rest, but then your Force be like, awakening and shit. Like, it awake, for real. And you be staring at it, all like, dang man, why this shit awake right now? It fo' in the mornin!
If anyone references Back To The Future: Part II

We think it's a given that somewhere in the script by JJ Abrams and Simon Kinberg that at least one character will reference 2015 being the future year that Part II of the Back To The Future series was set in, but we're not sure who, or what form the homage will take. Andy Serkis was photographed entering the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire riding a hoverboard and wearing a life preserver and faded denim jeans, but this could have just been a coincidence.
How big space is

I mean, I know it's pretty big, but I'm never quite sure HOW big.
Where younglings come from

Stupid question, but where do all the little younglings come from? I know there are mummy people and daddy people and they often have younglings in their family, but how do.... where do they come from? I heard some weird rumour on some Star Wars fansite that the mummies and the daddies perform this weird Force ritual with no robes on behind closed doors and they emerge looking spent... and they get the younglings a few months later or something? It doesn't make a lot of sense, to be honest.
If this Star Wars movie is any relation to all of those other Star Wars movies they made

Shared universes are all the rage these days, so if the folks at Disney are clever, they'd find a subtle way to connect this Star Wars movie with the old timey Star Wars movies, made by George Lucas, all those years ago. It might be difficult to do, but it'd blow fans' minds if the writers could work out a way to throw in an Easter Egg or two that suggested the characters are from the same universe!
Where the shitter is in the Millennium Falcon

Is the shitter in the front? Is the shitter in the back? Is the shitter on the lower levels? Is the shitter in the bulkhead? Is the shitter near the cargo bay? Is the shitter situated near the air-lock for sanitary reasons? Is the shitter within sniffing distance of the bedroom cabins? Where is the shitter in the Millennium Falcon? The people need to know.
What the complete plot is and who dies and what all the twists are and what the ending is

Our anticipation level for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will not rise any higher until we are informed of these crucial details.

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