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50 Muppets and their real-life acting counterparts

50 Muppets and their real-life acting counterparts
Have you heard? There's a new Muppets movie in town! But before Kermit and his fuzzy companions hit the big screen, we thought we'd have a bit of fun matching up Muppets with their real-life acting doubles, and these were the results...
According to the Muppet Wiki there are over 2,500 Muppets spanning the late Jim Henson's insane Universe. Obviously we can't cover them all (we'd love to) so we're sticking to those appearing in just The Muppet Show and Muppet movies. Some are old, some fairly new, but all are memorable in their own unique way. Hope you enjoy - see you in the comments section for drinks and debate over where we went wrong.
50. George the Janitor

George the Janitor / Paul Giamatti
49. Lewis Kazzager

Lewis Kazzager / Paul Reubens
48. Bobo the Bear

Bobo the Bear / 50 Cent
47. Crazy Harry

Crazy Harry / Mackenzie Crook
46. Pops the Doorman

Pops the Doorman / Brian Doyle-Murray
45. Beauregard

Beauregard / Bobcat Goldthwait
44. Angel Marie

Angel Marie / James Gandolfini
43. Johnny Fiama

Johnny Fiama / Andy Garcia
42. Sal Minella

Sal Minella / Andy Serkis
41. Emily "Ma" Bear

Emily 'Ma' Bear / Martin Lawrence

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Posted by Luke at 08:52 on 13/06/11
Paul Reubens has the notable advantages of being a) an actor, b) alive.
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