9 Gifs from the new Star Wars trailer you won't find anywhere else

Matt Looker

20th October 2015

The new Star Wars trailer is here! There are explosions and lightsabers and robots and space and flying and old people! Every single nano-parsec of it is AMAZING.

Following the usual life-cycle of a hotly anticipated trailer, you will probably watch the trailer 16 times, then change your profile pics and background images to the best screenshots you can find, then use gifs from the trailer as reactions on your social media feeds and then - only then - will you start searching for the gifs that you haven't seen anyone use before.

As ever, we are one step ahead of the game, my friend. Here are nine gifs that you can use at your leisure once you have run dry the well of all the actually good moments from the trailer.

These gifs. They're calling to you. Just let them in.

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