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Blogalongabond #11: Moonraker

We finally throw our Bond hat into the Blogalongabond ring (albeit slightly late), with 'challenging' results. Dare you dice with death, disaster and disappointment in our unofficial Moonraker game: Moonfaker?
Trying to decide how to best serve the collaborative James Bond project, and in light of some excellent entries dissecting the plot, girls and even the science, it suddenly dawned we could do something nobody else has done yet - a game! If only any of us could do graphics or sounds, then this might be something worth boasting about. What we can do, however, is make little blobs of pixels dance around to your mouse movements - which you'll need to control with the precision of the world's greatest laser surgeon operating on the world's smallest kitten in order to win. Good luck!

Blogalogabond is a monthly celebration of all things James Bond, run by friend of the site The Incredible Suit (aka Neil Alcock). Each month showcases the next Bond film in the series, hopefully coinciding with the release of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall. You can follow Neil on twitter here, or the official Blogalongabond feed here. They're alright.

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Posted by Luke at 17:22 on 02/12/11
Thanks, Lars. It didn't even occur we could do this for Neil's Blogalongabond until about a week ago. He's been doing it for 12 months now...

Hopefully these will improve over the months - soon you won't need silly games like Gears of War or Tetris.