Blogalongabond #12: For Your Eyes Only


6th January 2012

Yes I know our For Your Eyes Only Blogalongabond entry is extremely late, and everyone else has moved on to Octopussy, but look: Christmas, New Year, numerous Bank holidays and chocolate comas - plus it's a leap year. It's very easy to get lost in space and time round about now. In my mind it's practically December still. 1995.

You should know how this works by now: it's a game! For you! Loosely based on a James Bond movie! I'll do us both a favour and dispense with the preamble - go play in the snow (if you have a Flash-enabled device with a mouse)!

P.S. may be a bit buggy still.

P.P.S. yes I did imagine it would turn out like SSX Tricky on the PS2.

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