Blogalongabond #13: Octopussy


6th February 2012

Every month our Blogalongabond entry gets later and later, yet we never get any more fashionable. Unless you consider shell suits the height of fashion - in which case could I borrow a match, my fashionable friend? I need to set fire to my copy of Octopussy.

Confession: I stole the guts for this from an earlier attempt at a game for superior sci-fi flick Source Code. I even got so far as tweeting a demo of it to director Duncan Jones, but he never responded. His loss. All you need to do is hit the space bar, or the left mouse button, to jump and collect martinis. It's quite easy. Or is it...?

Health & safety warning: this game features some quite fast scrolling, and it left my eyes funny for a bit afterwards. Although I did playtest it probably for longer than Bethesda playtested Skyrim (2 hours). Enjoy!

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