Blogalongabond #14: A View To A Kill


24th February 2012

Can you believe our A View To A Kill Blogalongabond entry is on time? This is good news for two reasons: 1) I got to listen to the Duran Duran theme song earlier than usual, 2) I never have to listen to it ever again.

In another first, here's an opinion on the film itself. It's OK. At first you'll think it's terrible because of all the Duran Duran, then Roger Moore (in his final appearance as Bond) brings the cheese to go with his hammy acting, but then Christopher Walken starts machinegunning people and driving around in a blimp with a Nazi, and it all starts to make some sort of crazy sense. Not Moore's finest effort - and far from the best Bond movie - but after a few viewings you begin to appreciate what a solid film it is.

But enough of opinions, let's have some fun! So yeah this is basically Doodle Jump made in about two hours, with James Bond and the Eiffel Tower instead of the little bug guy and things that actually look like what they're meant to. As usual you need a mouse and Flash to play, and the calm composure of St. Peter the Patient to succeed... although technically there's no end to the game - just get the highest score. Good luck!

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