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Blogalongabond #15: The Living Daylights

Yes yes, late to Blogalongabond again, but look: it's Easter, I've been eating chocolate for days, everything has brown smears on it and there are little bits of foil everywhere. You're lucky my eyelids can still open to cobble together this tribute to The Living Daylights from bits of other Bond games, so excuuuuse me if it seems a little crappy and rushed...
I'll spare you the lengthy preamble; just need to say that no animals were harmed during the making of this game, and yes that is meant to be a jeep. Enjoy!

Blogalogabond is a monthly celebration of all things James Bond, run by friend of the site The Incredible Suit (aka Neil Alcock). Each month showcases the next Bond film in the series, hopefully coinciding with the release of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall. You can follow Neil on twitter here, or the official Blogalongabond feed here.