Blogalongabond #18: Tomorrow Never Dies


6th July 2012

Another month, another Bond film, another blown chance to get our Blogalongabond entry in on time. In this late edition we take a look at the highs and lows of Tomorrow Never Dies - literally - as we challenge you to complete James Bond's HALO Jump Challenge!

An odd thing I find about the Pierce Brosnan Bond films is that the further along in the series you go, the more they blur into one. I know for a fact I've seen them all, but give me a title and my brain starts an involuntary game of Twenty Questions - questions like: "is Goldie in it?", "when is Goldie in it?", "why is Goldie in it?", "which one is Goldie?", etc.

The reason for this is most likely not the quality of the films (even though Brosnan's attempts are on the whole forgettable), but rather when they were released. The Brosnan era coincided with a peak in my cinema-going, so I never watched them to death on TV like the Connery/Moore/Lazenby/Dalton films during the ITV 'Bond Season' that lasted from 1992 until about 2007. So it's not Brosnan's fault I can't remember his films because they were terrible, it's mine for not watching his terrible films over and over again. Or something like that.

Anyway the game. It may look like a mess but I'm actually quite proud of bits of this. Bits you can't see because they're in the code, but still - just try to imagine the 0s and 1s swirling around in there all happy and content, like you yourself will be when you hit the bullseye. Or should I say if you hit the bullseye (because I'm pretty sure the thing that does the wind speed is broken). Simply use your mouse to guide Bond, but beware - it's trickier than it looks...

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