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Blogalongabond #19: The World Is Not Enough

This week's Blogalongabond game is actually an extremely late entry for last month, for which I can only apologise. Also apologies in advance for the graphics. And the gameplay. Good luck finding someone to apologise for The World Is Not Enough, though.
In honour of the Olympics, this month's Bond game has been tweaked to give it a bit of an athletic theme. It's meant to be that bit in The World Is Not Enough where Bond outruns an explosion in a tunnel and gracefully leaps to freedom through a tiny gap - except we've replaced the gap with hurdles, and the explosion with an even bigger explosion. You can practically hear Vangelis already.

Blogalogabond is a monthly celebration of all things James Bond, run by friend of the site The Incredible Suit (aka Neil Alcock). Each month showcases the next Bond film in the series, hopefully coinciding with the release of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall. You can follow Neil on twitter here, or the official Blogalongabond feed here.