Blogalongabond #21: Casino Royale


5th October 2012

With Skyfall less than a month away, we welcome a new Bond to the Blogalongabond fold in the form of an extremely stony-faced Daniel Craig. Although we'd be welcoming him sooner if our Casino Royale game had actually been on time... whoops.

Parkour! You may recognise it now from all those films starring Jason Statham or the Werewolfpigboy from Twilight, but men jumping around exploding building sites with guns was arguably brought crashing into the mainstream in 2006, with the return of 007 in Casino Royale. Before then it was probably just a few Eastern European films that featured it. Someone will fact-check that for me I'm sure.

After the comic book stylings of the awful Die Another Day, Craig's debut was a consciously gritty effort designed to prove Bond was still a doubled-hard bastard. And it paid off: Casino Royale is fondly remembered as an explosive re-introduction to a character who had somewhat lost his way.

Speaking of losing ways; this month's Bond game has got to be the worst in the series so far. I actually had a whole thing where it made some background and foreground objects shuffle past in parallax, but it broke, then I broke, then I deleted it and put some clouds in instead. Next month's game (the penultimate one!) will be much better proms x p.s. happy 50th Bond day.

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