Blogalongabond #23: Skyfall


4th December 2012

Welp, here we are; twelve months of dodgy graphics and suspect gameplay, leading up to this final gamey tribute to the cinematic adventures of James Bond. Along the way we've jumped, ducked and QWOP'd, startled pigeons and murdered monkeys, and lovingly ripped off Canabalt, Doodle Jump, Pilotwings and even SkiFree for Windows 3.1. So what does this final challenge have in store? Let's just say you've got to get angry... you've got to make the Skyfall!

So that Skyfall was pretty bloody brilliant, wasn't it? James Bond running about shooting a man and dressing up in disguises and kissing a girl, just like old times. You might even say it was a dizzying combination of explosive action, stunning cinematography, and complex characterisation which seemed shallow at first but contained many layers intrinsically linked to the series' past when you started to think about it. And they even managed to smartly push the series in a new, yet familiar, direction. Although I still maintain Silva's evil plan was holier than the Pope's social media strategy.

All this talk in past tense serves as a reminder that Skyfall is still showing in cinemas. With that in mind we couldn't really base the game on events further along in the film for fear of spoilers, so I picked the opening chase sequence because nothing important ever happened in the first ten minutes of a film. So sit back and relax, and then concentrate like hell, as we present the worst Angry Birds clone you've ever had the misfortune to play (although I'm actually quite proud of it).

All of the Bond games are archived here if you want to give them a go. Some are "OK". Thanks for playing, and thanks to The Incredible Suit for dedicating two whole years of his life to the Blogalongabond cause. Hope you've had as much fun as we did! Now, what to make shitty games of next hmmm...

Blogalogabond was a monthly celebration of all things James Bond, run by friend of the site The Incredible Suit (aka Neil Alcock). Each month showcased the next Bond film in the series, hopefully coinciding with the release of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall. You can follow Neil on twitter here, or the official Blogalongabond feed here.

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